Civil Services


Civil Services

Producing Concrete Solutions

At GROUP Contractors, we are proud to be the prime choice for companies or industries in need of heavy civil work. We have the diverse expertise and proven track record to meet and exceed your industrial facility’s large foundation requirements. From site clearing and utilities to concrete foundations and roads, we are known for the quality of our work and our attention to detail. These attributes paired with our Deep Foundation capabilities combine to produce a flawless execution strategy.


Our Civil Services Include:

  • i-SitePrep

    Site Preparation

    • Land Clearing
    • Mass Excavations
    • Mass Backfill
    • Site Improvement
  • i-Utilities

    Site Utilities

    • Site Drainage
    • Fire Water Lines
    • Potable Water Lines
  • i-Concrete

    Concrete Foundations

    • Spread Footings
    • Pedestals
    • Mass Foundations
    • Concrete Walls
    • Elevated Concrete
    • Building Foundations
    • Sump Foundations
    • Concrete Electrical Duct Bank
    • Tank Foundations
    • Ring Wall Foundations 

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