Driven Piles


Driven Piles

Driving Your Success

GROUP is proud to be a premier installer of all types of driven piles, working tirelessly to create rock-solid foundational support using the highest-quality equipment available. Driven pile systems are valued for their reliability, ease of installation, and effectiveness, which is why this technology has stood the test of time and remains an integral component of our foundational offerings. Valued for their convenience in large-scale foundational projects, precast piles offer a labor-efficient solution to creating the bedrock of your success, which will last for many years to come.

Precast piles offer several advantages, with the main draw being the fact that installation of precast is much less labor-intensive than alternative piling methods. A small group of workers can install precast concrete piles using high-quality equipment armed with technology, including hydraulic lead spotters and software to prevent unsafe lifts. This makes precast piles the clear choice when constructing high-volume projects as precast piles are able to be produced in large quantities and transported directly to the site.

In most cases, GROUP comes on board early to identify and help with constructability issues in order to complete jobs more smoothly and efficiently, often preemptively resolving potential issues.

Over the past 30 years, there have been some notable improvements in technology, equipment and processes. Safety and training have also improved. We continue to stay on top of emerging methods in driving piles, and there has been recent research into reducing the distinctive noise associated with a driven pile operation.

Driven piles come in several forms and material types, including pipe piles, sheet piles, H-piles, woodpiles, fiberglass sheet piles and more, and GROUP’s team is trained to install them all. GROUP crews are highly-skilled and trained workers, and we make it a priority to continue training team members as additional certifications are required.

As GROUP Contractors continues to find optimal applications for each type of driven pile, our operation continues to expand, allowing us to go wherever there is a need.

The use of various pile materials are determined by factors such as the fluctuation of material cost; however, certain materials have clear advantages in specific situations. For example, pipe piles are ideal for constructing deep foundations in tighter spaces, allowing our team to drive narrower piles incredibly deep into the ground in order to provide unshakable stability. The various types of driven piles allow for GROUP to provide not only the most stable foundation possible but also the most cost-effective option for clients.

Driven Pile Materials Include

  • Sheet
  • Concrete
  • Pipe
  • Timber

Limited Access Capabilities

  • Pipe
  • H-Piles